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Happy New Year!

Ushering in 2020 is a wonderful time to revisit our health goals and focus on a renewed commitment to ourselves and our families. In Ayurveda there are four purusharthas or goals of life. The beginning of a new year and decade is a wonderful time to revisit these goals.

The first is kama, or the fulfillment of one’s desire. Desire is what makes the world go around and could be art, beauty, intimacy, fellowship, or kindness, it's what brings a sense of delight to our lives.

The second is artha or building wealth. Artha is the material comforts we need to live in the world with ease – it’s the computer, home, vehicle, and other materials that allows us to support our mission here on earth.

The third is dharma or righteousness. Dharma is the work, duty, or service one needs to complete during the different stages of life. It is important to ask yourself: What is my role in the world? When I am serving the highest good, what am I doing? Am I on a path for the good? How can I best serve the world around me? By answering these questions, we can assess or progress and sharpen our definition and core values toward our goals.

The last and ultimate goal in life is moksha or liberation. It is the understanding that we are one with the universe. It’s the freedom from suffering and from that which is blocking us from realizing our own power and connection to life.

When our health is optimal, our thoughts and decision making is eased. We are confident and capable of better handling stress and staying diligent with our goals.

As part of a healthy routine, I recommend 3 cleansing protocols throughout the year. The first is a liver cleanse. A liver cleanse will flush the liver of metals, viruses, and fats that will cause the liver to be sluggish and reduce the capability of the organ to work properly.

The second cleanse is a kidney and urinary tract cleanse. The herbs recommended for this cleanse will help flush the tract of stones, crystals and excess heat and bacteria that can lead to urinary tract infections and other irritation.

The third cleanse is a lymphatic cleanse. There are several herbs that will stimulate the lymphatic system to move fluids and flush out toxins. A sluggish lymphatic system will not be able to rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, which are the basis of our immunity.

Ayurvedic cleanses should have no changes in bowel or urinary habits. They don’t include changing your diet significantly, if at all. They are low cost, usually under $40 for a two-week supply of organic, ethically grown herbs.

The body is an amazing machine that works optimally when we cleanse, hydrate, and feed it organic healthy foods. There is nothing off limits in Ayurveda, but moderation is always the key.

For those of you who are interested in starting a cleanse after the binges of the holiday season, please contact me to discuss the best option for guiding you back to your optimal health.

My Brownsville office is celebrating its one-year anniversary. It’s been a wonderful year of supporting local clients and educating residents on the science of Ayurveda and the influence herbs and nutrition can play in our health. Please contact me at 310-614-3669 to discuss health goals for 2020 and opportunities to improve your life.

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