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Join the LA Ayurveda MeetUp

Join our Los Angeles MeetUp for workshops, speakers, hikes, yoga, and more!

May 12th

We will be determining each person's mind-body constitution, creating a facewash to take home, and discuss daily routines and diets for each dosha and the summer season. Please bring a pen and journal. Wear comfortable clothing that will be appropriate for working with herbs and oils.

May 26th

Join us for a free evening of Ayurvedic information. Naomi Boas will discuss her practice in West LA and as an advisor at Southern California University of Health Sciences. Susan Kim will share her practice of reiki and feng shui, and Cynthia Conant will share her practice of Ayurveda, which focuses on marma facelift massage.

June 22nd

Join us for an evening of cooking summer kitchari, a perfectly balanced meal. We will discuss the spices and foods that pacify the summer heat and compliment your dosha. Each participant will have a kitchari dinner as well as receive a summer spice mix to take home.

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