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Ayurveda is ancient holistic medicine originating from India more than 5000 years ago.  It focuses on each individual's unique mind-body composition; creating a healing protocol based on a preventative diet and lifestyle, as well as balancing the body's current state.


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first visit

It is essential to establish a baseline on all new patients.  An initial consult will reveal body-mind composition, preferred diet for balance, and recommended herbs or treatments to achieve specific health goals.
90 minutes

ayurvedic body massage


detoxifying body treatment

Full body therapy that heals and detoxifies the entire system with long strokes of warm medicated oil. 
60 minute treatment

ayurvedic massage


relaxing oil treatment

Relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia through natural serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin release. Warm, medicated oil streams across the forehead for a relaxing treatment that helps mental clarity and focus.
60 minute treatment

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rejuvenating body treatment

Through the use of medicated oils, acute injuries or aches can be treated.  This treatment is best for specific site injury, such as low back pain, eye treatment in cases of chronic dry eye or macular degeneration, or knee/joint pain.
60 minute treatment

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hair growth and hydration

Hair growth, natural color maintenance and hydration are the benefit of this treatment.  Using a formulation of neelibringadi oil, the scalp and hair shaft is nourished with a relaxing massage. 
60 minute treatment

ayurvedic hair oil


enhance immunity

Pollution, allergies, and illness penetrate our nasal passage and cause chronic inflammation.  Medicated oils lubricate and promote healing of the sinuses while the facial area is palpated to promote detoxification and clearing.
60 minute treatment


Allow yourself to shine by maximizing your health and wellness with Ayurveda.  Contact us for an initial consultation and an individual health plan specific to your mind-body constitution.

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