January 20, 2020

Ushering in 2020 is a wonderful time to revisit our health goals and focus on a renewed commitment to ourselves and our families.  In Ayurveda there are four purusharthas or goals of life.  The beginning of a new year and decade is a wonderful time to revisit these goa...

November 1, 2019

November has brought with it vata season.  Vata in Ayurveda is all things energy and movement and is composed of ether and air.  The qualities of vata are light, dry, cold, rough, and mobile.  It is important during this time of year we transition our diets, lifestyle...

October 2, 2019

Cold and cough season is among us.  There are several things an Ayurvedic Practitioner can do for you during the cold and flu season.  Many infections and illnesses are viral, which means there is very little your physician can do for you.  They will recommend over-the...

September 2, 2019

One of the significant differences in seeing an ayurvedic practitioner versus a traditional/western approach to health is the amount of time an ayurvedic practitioner will spend on intake of a new client.  It’s important to fully understand the history and current cond...

August 1, 2019

And just like that, it was August.  I hope all of you are having a relaxing, enjoyable summer.  Summer is pitta season were digestion strength is low, so sweet, juicy fruits and vegetables are a wonderful way to nourish our bodies.  It’s a time to relax in cool water,...

July 1, 2019

Summertime is all about relaxation and Ayurveda wants to compliment that relaxation.  Many diseases and conditions can be correlated to chronic stress and anxiety.  Ayurveda focuses on the health of individuals through body, mind, and spirit.  This practice looks at al...

May 28, 2019

Summertime is just around the corner and the beginning of pitta season.  Pitta is the qualities of fire and water, which can easily be disturbed during the heat of summer.  It is also the season our digestion is the weakest, so making meals that are light is ideal.  It...

May 28, 2019

Spring has sprung!  It’s the perfect time of year for a spring-cleaning inside and out.  This is a time of year we think of cleanses for our bodies as well.  Many friends and clients tell me about cleanses they’re trying or have tried in the past, usually with differen...

April 10, 2019

Ayurveda categorizes all things into a balance of vata, pitta, and kapha.  These attributes create everything in the universe, including our bodies.  Vata is air and space, which have the qualities of movement, are light in weight, and feel dry and rough.  Pitta is com...

April 10, 2019


A physician who fails to enter the body of a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can never treat diseases.  He should first study all the factors, including environment, which influence a patient’s disease, and then prescribe treatment.  It is...

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January 20, 2020

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